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Develop an ability to analyse the external and internal bank environment, evaluate strategic options, develop strategy, and manage its implementation through effective leadership and management of operations.

A key theme of the module is the impact of digital innovations on bank strategy and operations, and how banks can harness advances in technology to help them grow and flourish in an uncertain future.

Construct a strategy statement that summarises a bank’s mission, vision, values, and objectives, its scope, and how the bank will achieve its objectives in its chosen domain;

Analyse a bank’s strategic position in the external environment, including both the macro-economic environment and the industry or sector environment, with a focus on digital innovations that are affecting banks and banking;

Critically analyse a bank’s resources and capabilities, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the bank and its products and services relative to its competitors, and the extent to which these strengths and weaknesses are capable of dealing with the changes taking place in the external environment and the opportunities and threats arising;

Evaluate a range of strategic options for a bank in relation to environmental and organisation analyses, and propose a bank strategy that supports the bank’s mission, vision, values and objectives;

Assess the physical, financial and people resources a bank would require to deliver its preferred strategy and options for acquiring them;

Assess the implications of a bank’s strategy in terms of key changes that will be required to its structures, systems and culture, and propose how these could be managed through effective leadership and management of operations.

Total Program Fee


Internationally recognised

Internationally recognised module for the Chartered Banker qualification.


Online flexibility

All modules delivered online which means you can start anytime and complete it at your own pace in your own time.


Chartered Banker Institute (UK) accredited

The only body in the world able to confer Chartered Banker status.


Made for Australia

Developed for Australian Market by FINSIA in close consultation with senior industry practitioners.

What’s Included

FINSIA Membership

For new members, a 12-month Student Membership is included in the enrolment fee. Being a FINSIA member enables you to build your professional profile through networking events and access relevant content to reinforce your study.

e-Learning Material

Embedded e-Learning on selected modules to reinforce key learning objectives.

Digital textbook

A comprehensive digital textbook providing core learning materials and case studies to help you build your capability.

Assessment fees

Assessment fees are included in the price of the qualification (an assessment resit fee of £120 payable directly to the Chartered Banker Institute will apply). 

The learning experience is


Online Learning

Start anytime from any location at your own pace.



Stimulating interactive learning experience with a hands-on approach. 



Access an extensive suite of engaging learning materials.


Industry Led

Developed for the Australian market in consultation with senior industry practitioners. 

What do I get when I finish the course?

A certificate for the Bank Strategy, Operations & Technology module, which is also one of the mandatory modules of the Chartered Banker program.

Wayne Byres SF FIN

Wayne Byres SF FIN

Chairman, APRA

Initiatives such as FINSIA’s drive for a strong foundation of professionalism, are important building blocks for a stronger, more efficient, and more sustainable financial system. They should be welcomed and embraced by industry leaders.



Victoria Weekes

Victoria Weekes

Independent Chair of OnePath Custodians

FINSIA, its members and staff, have a fabulous history of being leading advocates, thought leaders and drivers of professional standards.

At a time when the financial services industry is facing unprecedented change, with heightened community expectations, a challenging competitive environment and regulatory landscape, building professionalism across our industry and supporting our members to be the best they can is critical.

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