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  • CPD Hour(s): 1
Webinar Global & Future Trends Industry Knowledge

2024: Interest rates, evolving trends and investor behaviour

Tuesday 23 July 2024, 12:30pm - 1:30pm AEST ,
  • Non-Member: AUD $25.00
  • Member Guest: AUD $20.00
  • Member: Complementary

Continuing Professional Development

FINSIA's CPD Program is designed to reflect professional requirements. All activities are categorised into two types of learning, referred to as structured and unstructured.

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Demonstrate Your Professionalism

Undertaking CPD shows you are invested in your career, and committed to ongoing learning.


Evaluate Your Learning

Enables you to recognise knowledge gaps and helps you address them.


Enhance Your Employability

A commitment to CPD and your focus on continuous learning will stand out to employers. 

Elana Rubin SF FIN

Former Afterpay Chair and newly appointed RBA board member

“For me, FINSIA represents a community of people committed to professionalism in their endeavours,”

“Financial services is incredibly important. It's important to individuals. It's important to the wellbeing of business. It's important to the economy and the community.

“So being part of an organisation that's committed to continuous development, improvement and the higher standards of professionalism, is something that I support.”



Matt Baxby SF FIN

Matt Baxby SF FIN

Revolut Partner, CEO Australia & New Zealand

“It served me really well as my career developed in the financial services sector.  That’s the important role FINSIA has to play - the professionalisation of banking.”

Malini Raj SF FIN

Malini Raj SF FIN

Head of Community Engagement, CommBank

“FINSIA has been an invaluable foundation and platform for my career in the finance industry.

“Without FINSIA I wouldn't have had the exposure, the experiences, the mentors, the guidance, the additional intangible value add that's helped me and my career development.”