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Corporate Packages

FINSIA offers bespoke and standard qualifications designed to meet the professional learning needs of specific job families within your organisation​.

Through a process of consulting, mapping and working with businesses and  L&D practitioners, we can tailor training and cultural transformation programs to support organisational development goals or simply offer advice on existing initiatives. Whether it is to provide internationally recognised qualifications through learning or by accrediting your existing training, FINSIA is here to help.​

Professional Standards

FINSIA’s core mission is to embed professionalism in financial services through enhanced, measurable standards of conduct and competence.

Expectations of individual accountability and ethical behaviour are at the forefront of FINSIA’s long-term professionalisation strategy to drive customer trust and pride in the industry.

Giving employees the opportunities and tools to improve their knowledge and understanding of banking and financial services is the first step to ensuring customers are put first.

Achieving the highest standards of conduct and competence demonstrates your commitment to the industry and your community.

Accreditation & Certification

FINSIA understands the quality and importance of internal training at banks from our ongoing work with L&D teams.

We realise learnings can suffer from a lack of recognition outside the organisation - and in some cases even outside a particular department itself.

That’s where FINSIA can help, by offering external validation of the quality and strength of internal development programmes. Our accreditation process and our knowledge of best practice mean we can offer impartial feedback and recommendations to improve and maintain performance and professionalism.

We can also offer a route into our professional qualification pathway, helping reduce costs and the time taken to achieve globally recognised professional qualifications that are recognised with certification from FINSIA and partner organisations.


FINSIA has a range of resources to help you develop a deeper understanding of the work we do for financial institutions, as well as providing organisations with insights across financial services.

Continuing Professional Development

At FINSIA we offer you opportunities to develop your expertise through online resources, professional qualifications, events and publications. 

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Elana Rubin SF FIN

Former Afterpay Chair and newly appointed RBA board member

“For me, FINSIA represents a community of people committed to professionalism in their endeavours,”

“Financial services is incredibly important. It's important to individuals. It's important to the wellbeing of business. It's important to the economy and the community.

“So being part of an organisation that's committed to continuous development, improvement and the higher standards of professionalism, is something that I support.”



Matt Baxby SF FIN

Matt Baxby SF FIN

Revolut Partner, CEO Australia & New Zealand

“It served me really well as my career developed in the financial services sector.  That’s the important role FINSIA has to play - the professionalisation of banking.”

Malini Raj SF FIN

Malini Raj SF FIN

Head of Community Engagement, CommBank

“FINSIA has been an invaluable foundation and platform for my career in the finance industry.

“Without FINSIA I wouldn't have had the exposure, the experiences, the mentors, the guidance, the additional intangible value add that's helped me and my career development.”

FINSIA has a range of Education products designed to cater to different career levels career and specialisation.

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