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The Certified Professional Banker supports deeper skills development in specific functions including Business Banking, Consumer Credit, and Risk.

Develop sound ethical decision-making skills, professional and technical standards giving you the confidence to achieve the best outcomes for your customers. The program also explores the key principles of ethical behaviour and provides tools to help you apply them in your work environment.

This course was developed for the Australasian market in association with the Chartered Banker Institute (UK) - the only body in the world able to confer the status of Chartered Banker.

Certified Professional Banker is designed for ambitious individuals looking to take their career to the next level, specialise and branch out in Business Banking, Consumer Credit and Risk Management for Banking.

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Award Course Details

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To obtain the CPB qualification three modules must be completed:

  • Professional Banking Fundamentals
  • 2 Electives of your choice

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Internationally recognised

Internationally recognised professional qualification that is an alternative entry point into the Chartered Banker Pathway.


Up to 12 months per module

The structure of the program has been based on a student commitment of up to 120 hours per module.


Stand-alone modules

Modules can be completed on a stand alone basis by those who do not want the full Certified Professional Banker qualification.


Online flexibility

All modules are delivered online which means you can start anytime and complete it at your own pace in your own time.


Awarded by Chartered Banker Institute (UK)

The only body in the world able to confer the status of Chartered Banker and developed for the Australian market by FINSIA.


Made for Australia

Developed for Australian Market in partnership with the Chartered Banker Institute and close consultation with senior industry practitioners.

Who is this for

This pathway  is suitable for people in mid-level management roles or ideal for anyone who is looking to specialise in a wide range of banking areas including Business Banking, Consumer Credit, and Risk Management for Banking.

Entry Requirements

No educational or experience requirements. However, to take the pathway, it  is recommended to complete the PBF first.

What’s Included

FINSIA Membership

For new members, a 12-month Student Membership is included in the enrolment fee. Being a FINSIA member enables you to build your professional profile through networking events and access relevant content to reinforce your study.


e-Learning Material

Embedded e-Learning on selected modules to reinforce key learning objectives

Digital textbook

A comprehensive digital textbook providing core learning materials and case studies to help you build your capability

Assessment fees

Assessment fees are included in the price of the qualification. (Assessment resit fee of $150 will apply).

The learning experience is


Online Learning

Start anytime from any location at your own pace.



Stimulating interactive learning experience with a hands-on approach. 



Access an extensive suite of engaging learning materials.


Industry Led

Developed for the Australian market in consultation with senior industry practitioners. 

How it works

To become a Certified Professional Banker, you will need to complete three modules - one mandatory and two elective modules.
Certified Professional Banker Qualification

What do I get when I finish the course?

Graduating from the Certified Professional Banker qualification entitles you to upgrade your FINSIA membership category.


Upon completion of the required modules, you will gain Certified Professional Banker status.

To retain post nominals, students need to remain a FINSIA member and to complete 14 hours CPD per year, 10 of which is structured, 4 unstructured and a minimum of 1 hour in ethics and integrity (as part of structured learning). Graduates of CPB are also eligible for Senior Associate membership category.

Upgrade and upskill

FINSIA's professional qualifications and membership packages are tailor-made for dedicated practitioners to advance their career.

If you are ambitious and want to reach the next level, look into the benefits of the internationally recognised Chartered Banker - the gold standard in banking and financial services.




Dealer Assistant - Fixed Income, FIIG Securities

It’s exciting to work with the team at FINSIA that has a real focus on developing new ways of building capability and professionalism within the banking sector. Having a passion to think differently and to focus on what developing people will mean in terms of better customer experience, will help restore trust and pride in the sector. That’s why I see such value in the collaboration between FINSIA and the Chartered Banker Institute to develop a suite of qualifications that will fit the aspirations of people strategies and also work to build up credits towards Chartered Banker status.

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