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For Mentors

Becoming a mentor will give you the opportunity to share the important lessons you have learned with motivated young professionals to help the next generation of leaders.

Reflect on your achievements with motivated young professionals as part of the two-way process that gives senior executives the opportunity to share their insights and experience.

For Mentees

Mentoring provides a crucial opportunity for career acceleration by connecting mentees with senior finance leaders to provide one-on-one support to clarify career plans, aspirations and to discuss specific challenges mentees may be experiencing.

Join over 700 aspiring professionals who have tapped into the expertise, insights and networks of today’s leaders.

Get help from experienced professionals

FINSIA is the only industry-wide association in financial services, so we are able to draw on a vast pool of well-regarded and experienced leaders from all sectors of the industry

Frequently asked questions

How are mentors selected and matched to mentees?

Mentor selection and matching takes into account the learning goals identified by the mentee, as well as the expressed preferences, experience and background of both the mentor and mentee.

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If you are a FINSIA member or are interested in becoming one register for the mentoring program - and if you think you've got what it takes to be a FINSIA mentor or know someone who does ...
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